OPERATION: BIGFOOT is an online quest to locate and document physical proof of the existence of Sasquatch! __ JOIN THE HUNT LIVE!
Finding Bigfoot can be a challenge but with the help of thousands of web watchers we will one day find one!
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  • How does this work?

    We have placed wireless cameras at various locations throughout known territories of Sasquatch. We are currently placing cameras in various states and locations across the U.S. and eventually we will add locations across Canada.

    These cameras can pick up day and night LIVE shots that our users can watch 24/7 on our site. Each location is called a "Hot Spot" each Hot Spot has four cameras; one each facing a different direction (North, South, East and West). This coverage allows a full 360 degree video capture so nothing is missed!

    If you see Sasquatch you can notify everyone else in our community and we can hopefully obtain real video or photographic evidence!

  • Does it cost to join?

    Let's be honest it costs money to have our cameras return LIVE feeds 24/7 and in order for this social experiment to work we need as many people as we can watching to grab the photo of BIGFOOT!

    The more money we raise the more cameras, the bigger the group watching the more likely we'll prove the existence of the creature.

    We appreciate everyone's support on this project and while most of the site is general use we have created a membership program to view the live feeds and interact with other members, this helps keep the project alive!

    Thanks for your support!

  • What do you hope to achieve?

    Simple! Let's find Bigfoot!

    Now the exact location of the Hot Spot camera systems are only known to the top level researchers in our group, however what we can give you is the access to the cameras to watch and even track Bigfoot.

    Remember each Hot Spot is located in a cluster that can range from 1 - 5 square miles and consist of 3 - 10 Hot Spots.

    When someone see's something suspicious they can alert the community to scour all the feeds. It takes a dedicated online community of Bigfoot trackers to make this happen.



Operation Bigfoot is a collaborative effort. We use state of the art cameras at remote locations across different states. The goal is to achieve a batch of camera stations within a few hundred square miles of each other - each reporting back to our online site 24/7. The hope is that one day we will find this elusive creature, whether at night or during the day. When we find it we'll know. The cameras at each station record in HD and transmit a live feed to our site for users worldwide to partake in the HUNT!So what happens if we find Bigfoot? Simple we'll be able to track and possibly locate one for further research and analysis. The Fish and Wildlife department along with various research organizations believe that the create exists and would like the opportunity to study it further.

Recent Online Video

A new video that seems to show a Bigfoot-like beast rearing up in a Utah brush patch is racking up millions of views on the web, but are there any compelling facts in the compelling footage?

Beard Card, the YouTube handle of the man who purportedly filmed the video while camping with his family, says he first hit "record" on his camera to document what he thought was a black bear hiding in the bushes.

Indeed, the video's tranquil first half has an off-screen voice whispering, "Do you think it's a bear?" But then the rustling black form in the bushes suddenly grows a few feet as it seems to stand to its full height, and the cameraman abandons his shot to make a desperate run to safety.